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But what is an article about journalism anyway?

This is a question that many lay people ask. You, if you are starting your studies or just making a chair related to the subject, will also want to know more about a newspaper article. They can take on different goals and each one has a different character from the other. You may have articles:

  • Of revision,
  • Of opinion,
  • Report,
  • Note,
  • News.

These are the most common. Among them there is a style that is characteristic of each one. Everyone answers the basic questions of any article:

  • Who,
  • When,
  • At where,
  • As,
  • Because.

All of them have a typical layout, some more pronounced, some softer.

Structure of journal articles

Whatever journalistic text you seek to elaborate, you must follow these fundamental steps in order to be considered a true article.

  • Guideline: this step allows you to make the choice of subject;
  • Determination: collection and verification of veracity of information and evidence;
  • Writing: organization of ideas and message to be transmitted in a text;
  • Editing: allows the correction and revision of texts already in the journal itself, before publication.

All of these points are followed from the point of view of an article, or from the moment the event appears, to the actual publication of the article.

If you want to write a successful article, you will have to follow these steps, or contact us to get your work ready by the expected date. Your article will only be completely done if you have the ok to be published. In case you are a student, this ok is given by the teacher, when you read your article and gives you a grade of excellence.

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